Celebrating Life…One Cookie at a Time

About Cookie Therapy’s Cookies Celebrating Life...One Cookie at a Time


Welcome to Cookie Therapy! I’m so happy you stopped by. I’m Julie Pluss, owner, of Cookie Therapy’s Cookies! Cookie Therapy is located in Highland Park, Illinois. We can ship anywhere in the United States.

Cookie Therapy bakes with only the  freshest and finest ingredients. We are conscious bakers and always use Organic free range eggs, French butter, organic vanilla or vanilla beans, and deep rich organic cocoa. These are just a few of the wonderful ingredients you’ll taste when you bite into one of our cookies.

I’ve spent countless hours creating and perfecting the most delicious recipes for our sugar cookie bases and royal icings.

Our sugar cookies come in a variety of flavors; French Vanilla Bean , Dark Chocolate Brownie, Milk Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Vanilla and seasonal favorites. For the Autumn and Winter we offer a gingerbread cookie, Spring and Summer a Fresh Lemon Citrus and new flavors may just pop up whenever we feel inspired.

The best thing about being a Cookier...(who knew that was even a real thing?) is collaborating with our clients to bring their vision for their celebration to life through a cookie! Seriously, can a job get any better than this?

Our mission  at  Cookie Therapy is to bring “More Happy” into people’s lives and the universe. Sounds ambitious don’t you think?… Actually it’s simple if you  follow these steps:

Take a bite out of a Cookie Therapy Cookie. Next, feel “the happy” flow from your head down to your toes...Wait 3-5 seconds and (whether you want to or not) you will find yourself doing a happy dance. Anyone around you will feel happier just watching you. They may even join in...especially if you share your cookie. Mission Accomplished! Happy dances are the #1 way to bring “more happy” into our lives and the world. Now, I don’t have any scientific evidence that this is true, but... I just know it is.

Okay, now on to the fun part. Let’s start Our cookie conversation-just press the order now tab!