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Cookie Party Favors

Why not give your guests “something to talk about” during and/or after your next party/event with a Cookie Favor?
Our cookie favors are packaged in a clear cellophane bag with food grade shredded paper and ribbon in clear cellophane bags which are heat sealed so cookies remain as fresh as the moment they came out of the oven. Our cookies remain fresh for up to two weeks by keeping them at room temperature or they can be frozen and stay delicious for up to two-three months.
Cookie prices depend on size, complexity of design and personalization.
Small cookies are $2.50
Medium cookies 3-4” prices range from $3.50-$4.00 depending on amount of detail)
Large cookies 4 1/2-5” range from $5 to $6.00+ (depending on amount of detail)
There are a couple of options for bagging favors: ALL BAGS ARE HEAT SEALED for a nice clean look for no extra charge.
You can have them tied with a simple ribbon for an additional .25¢ fee for each cookie favor.
If you’d like your cookie favor tied with more elaborate ribbons(2 colors curled) and , shredded paper (with or without name card)there is a .50¢ charge per cookie favor.
Favors can be shipped-You will receive your cookies in heat sealed cellophane bags with a ribbon tied around the top and each cookie will be individually bubble wrapped. At this time I am only shipping orders that are a dozen cookies or more.
-If you need your cookies shipped there will be additional shipping costs that can range anywhere from $20 or more depending on size of order and speed of delivery

Cookie Place Cards

Cookie Therapy’s Cookie Favors are perfect for giving to your guests for a take home gift after your special event or why not double the cookie fun and use your cookies favors as adorable COOKIE TABLE PLACE CARDS to make your table setting even more fun.
Using Cookie Therapy Cookies will make your table even more special by adding that extra “WOW” factor. They are great conversation starters!
Our cookie favors and cookie place cards have been used for: Rehearsal dinners; Thank you favors, Bridal Showers , Baby Showers, New Baby Gifts, Hotel Welcome Bags for out of town guests, Wedding Give Aways, Baby Naming-Bris or Baptisms , Bar/Bat Mitzvahs , Christenings, First Holy Communions , Confirmations , Graduations, House Warming Gifts, Get Well Gifts and of course any HOLIDAY you celebrate or Whatever your imagination can think of...we will do our best to make your cookie dreams turn into your cookie reality! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE-(are you really surprised?) How about ordering your own special...."

Custom Cookie Platters

If you don’t need individual cookie favors for your next party, why not order a cookie platter for your Bbq, Holiday Celebration, Dinner party, and Birthday Party. Surprise your guests with a beautiful, fun and whimsical and cookie platter to serve as your main dessert or use one of our platters or even two or three to compliment your next dessert buffet. I promise your buffet will really “POP!” with your personalized special themed cookie platter made especially for you.

You have my word our cookie platters aren’t plain old boring “cookie cutter” cookies. These are FUN
Custom cookie platters that are limited only to your imagination.
Each cookie platter consists of a minimum of a dozen medium or large-sized cookies. A minimum of 3 cookies designs are required for each cookie platter. So (for example)you can have 4 different designs for a dozen cookies. If you want more than a dozen cookies you can keep adding more cookie designs.
For your next family get together, holiday celebration, birthday party or dessert buffet table make it special with your own customized cookie platters crafted especially for you and your guests.
To get some ideas of what you may like, take a peek at by the Cookie Gallery on this website or click on one of our cookies that pop up on the website (hover over them)and choose the cookies you'd like and contact me by clicking on the ORDER NOW Tab and begin our cookie conversation!
Every week more and more pictures of my cookies are added and check out my cookie therapy Facebook page and Instagram.

How to Order / Cookie Information
Local Pick UP
Allergy Warning
Storing Decorated Cookies
How to Order / Cookie Information

Cookie Therapy Cookies are handmade sugar cookies custom decorated with royal icing for every holiday, occasion, and theme.  

Please look through the Cookie Gallery to get ideas on possible designs. The Cookie Gallery is constantly being updated.

Cookie measurements are given on the gallery pages. All measurements are approximate and measured from the largest parts of the cookie cutters. The cookies will actually be about 1/8" to 1/4" larger after baking.

Please be sure to order your cookies early. My calendar fills up quickly. I can only accept a set number of orders per week. The earlier we get started on finalizing the details, the greater your chance you will be available for your order. Your order is not "placed" until payment is received.

10 days to 2 weeks is the very very minimum time to place an order. Often people for weddings and rehearsal dinners and holidays order 1-3 months in advance.

Each cookie order is made fresh with love and extreme care over a two to three day period - one day for making the dough and frosting (the most time consuming part, the second day for cutting and baking and the third day for additional frosting and special detail and finally the drying time of frosting (at least 12-18 hours). Who knew???? I sure didn’t when I started this new wonderful career! I bake as close to your needed date as possible. Once your cookies are bagged up, they'll stay beautifully fresh for up to two weeks or can be frozen up to 2-3 months depending on your freezer!

Local Pick UP

Cookies are available for local pick up, by appointment at my home at

 470 Marshman Ave. Highland Park, IL 60035

Shipping is available. Depending on how many cookies and how quickly you want the cookies to be delivered shipping costs can range between $18-$60-$100! Usually the costs are closer to the $20 range with about 4 day shipping time. Obviously, 2 day and next day air are quite expensive…so make sure to order early for your special occasion.

Ready to get started? Please have a look around the website, then fill out the "Contact Me" form with as much detail as possible - date needed, celebration/event, design ideas, quantity, color scheme, platter or individually bagged favors, etc. We'll discuss the details and you'll receive a price quote if I'm available to take your order. 

Your order is not placed until payment is received. 

Deposits and Payments are non-refundable.

All Orders are final.

Allergy Warning

My cookies contain wheat, milk (butter), and egg and some have cocoa, lemon chocolate chips. Though my basic sugar cookies do not contain nuts, but they are baked in a kitchen that does use nuts as an ingredient. Some of my ingredients are prepared and packaged using machines that may come into contact with Wheat/Gluten, Eggs, Dairy or Dairy Products, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Soy.

Storing Decorated Cookies

Sugar cookies have a long shelf life. They stay fresh for up to two weeks when kept in favor bags or an air-tight container at room temperature. Keep them out of direct sunlight. The sun can fade the colors.

Sugar cookies freeze beautifully for a future occasion, to hand out singly to customers, etc. even with the royal icing. Just make sure they are stored in an airtight container.

If you do decide to freeze: Place individually bagged cookies into a freezer zip bag, then into a plastic air-tight container. Place the container into the freezer.

Defrosting: Remove container from Freezer. Leave it untouched until cookies are room temperature. Do not expose cookies to air while they are cold. Condensation will appear on cold cookies that are not wrapped, ruining the icing. After that, they’ll stay beautifully fresh for up to two weeks in the heat sealed Cellophane bags and up to 2-3 months in the freezer. 

Cookie Therapy cookies are custom gourmet sugar Cookies Decorated with royal icing for every holiday, occasion, and theme.  

Please look through the Cookie Gallery to get ideas on possible designs. 

Please be sure to order your cookies early. My calendar fills up quickly. I can only accept a set number of orders per week. The earlier we get started on finalizing the details, the greater your chance you will be available for your order. Your order is not "placed" until payment is received.

Each cookie order is made over a two to three day period - one day for mixing, cutting, baking. One day for decorating. The third day for additional details (if needed) and dry time (at least 12-18 hours). I bake as close to your needed date as possible. Once your cookies are bagged up, they'll stay beautifully fresh for up to two weeks or in your freezer for 2 months.

Our cookies may be a little higher price because of the highest quality ingredients we use and the extra care we put in and you can taste the special ingredient love and pride that goes
into each cookie. Also each cookie is made over a three day period. One day to make the dough and chill it second day to cut into shapes, bake and make all the frosting colors and different consistencies for each cookie and the third day time to decorate and every cookie must FTI 12-18 hours depending on the detail. 
Cookie prices depend on size of cookies and details that are added there are up charges for cookies that are bagged with curly ribbon and place cards and if you want shredded paper in each favor to match the ribbon for your event. 
Check out our scale on the website to see the approximate costs of the cookies. 

Cookie prices depend on size, complexity of design and personalization.

  • Mini Cookies
    1 inch
    $2 ea

  • Small Cookies
    2 inches
    depending on detail

  • Medium Cookies
    3 - 4.5 inches
    $3.50 - $5
    depending on size

  • Large Cookies
    4.5 - 5+ inches
    depending on size and detail

  • Cookies with
    individual names written out
    are a .50 cent upcharge

Minimum order is 12 regular-sized cookies, 24 minis, or a combo. A minimum order will come to around $36-$60.

Choose you favorite cookie designs for your order- each design must have a minimum of 4 cookies each. Also except for the following, available with an order:

  • Message Cookie personalized with "thank you", "happy birthday", etc. - available
  • Large Number or Letter cookies - available individually
  • Mini cookies are sold in multiples of 12.

Bagged favors are made up of one regular sized cookie or two to three mini cookies per bag.


Cookie Dough Flavors:
Our house specialty flavors are Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Brownie, Milk Chocolate with Chocolate Chips, and Lemon.
Check each season to see what specialty dough Cookie therapy will be offering.
During Winter, Gingerbread is available and in Spring, Fresh Lemon Citrus cookies are available.
I’m sorry, but I cannot offer discounts on large orders.
Prices are subject to change at any time.
First Come, First Payment, First Served.


I take checks, cash, Venmo, PayPal, Chase quick pay. I will send you an invoice for the cookies and when I receive your payment in full or a 50% deposit with the balance being paid at the time of pick up or before shipping.
***Your cookie order is not officially placed until we receive a 50% deposit. It’s not what I like to do but I learned that the hard way. After I ate 50 cookies in one weekend that were ordered but never picked up my thighs and waistline insisted I must change my order and payment policy! My jeans got so tight. Thank you for your understanding!

I try my very best to make sure my cookies don’t break during shipping but things happen as they say. So far I haven’t had an issue as I take the utmost care to painstakingly wrap my cookies to prevent them from breaking. That being said-I don’t have control over the shipping process so I cannot guarantee that a cookie or two might crack. So far I’ve had a good track record but cookies are cookies and sometimes they just don’t make it in one piece. I apologize that can’t offer refunds if a cookie breaks as I can’t control the shipping process but I try my very best to prevent any breakage and so far I have a really good record with my packing process. Also, I pack 2 extra cookies at no charge just in case.

Let’s Start our Cookie Conversation and order your cookies!

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